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Leonard H. Kushner, P.E.
Electrical Engineer
Safety Engineer
Registered Environmental Assessor


January 1995 to Date: Consulting Engineer

September 1962 to January 1995

California Institute of Technology/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. Facility Engineering Planning Manager, Electrical, Safety and Environmental Protection Engineer.

Facility planning for a worldwide network of Deep Space Tracking Stations as part of the United States National Space Program. Manager of a facility safety and environmental protection program, for compliance with existing local, state and federal safety and environmental protection codes.

Planning includes early review of facility modifications necessitated by evolutional change in spacecraft tracking. Such planning is to ensure that applicable safety requirements are specifically defined and included in early criteria considerations, through actual design, construction, and formal acceptance for operations. Responsibility also includes safety awareness and practice in conjunction with tracking station operations.

Responsible for facility functional requirements, safety systems studies, planning, design and test for a worldwide network of Deep Space Tracking Stations. Systems safety studies includes collecting user's operational and program requirements and collating same with the architectural and the multiple engineering disciplines for safety, construction methodology and operating procedures. Early criteria considerations of architectural and engineering disciplines are incorporated to provide guidance pertaining to compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) regulations, local city, county and state safety and environmental protection rules and codes.

As Facility Planning Manager, provided expert advice, information and counsel to architects and multi engineering project engineers relative to applicable safety and environmental protection requirements.

Maintained an on-going awareness to ensure that safety and environmental protection criteria was incorporated in final engineering design and specifications.

Periodically conducted field surveys (on a non-scheduled basis) for the purpose of reviewing construction materials and methodology for compliance with safety to construction personnel during construction. Provided safety consultant information to various construction trades concerning approved safety procedures.

Safety Engineering analysis duties included investigation of accidents resulting in a disabling injury and determined contributing circumstances. Near accidents are investigated for contributing circumstances.

Education, instruction and training, to minimize human factors that might contribute to accidents.

Study of tracking station operating methods and practices for conformance/compliance with approved safety and environmental protection procedures. Study of personnel working areas to detect, eliminate and control physical or environmental hazards that might contribute to accidents.

Investigations are conducted to determine the cause of accidents and for the purpose of preventing similar accidents. Determine accident facts bearing on legal liability.

Analysis of accident costs for the purpose of providing management with information for safety and environmental protection recommendations and decisions. Cost estimates included cost of wages paid for time lost by workers who were injured and also not injured, and whose performance of work was affected. Cost of damage to material or equipment, extra cost of overtime work necessitated by the accident, cost of wages paid supervisors for time required for activities necessitated by the accident, wage cost caused by decreased output of injured worker after return to work, cost of learning period of new worker, uninsured medical cost borne by the company and the cost of time spent by higher supervision and clerical workers.

March 1961 - September 1962

Koebig & Koebig, Engineers & Architects, Los Angeles, California. Project Electrical Engineer.

Project Coordinating engineer for planning, design and construction of new Central Technical Facilities Plant at the National Reactor Test Site, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Compiled occupancy requirements and provided electrical engineering layout planning for equipment and system design configurations.

Project Engineer for converting former army base (Camp Cooke, CA) into an USAF Missile and Space Division Base (Vandenberg AFB). Modifications provided research and development facilities, systems check-out plants and pads, diesel engine-generating emergency power systems and site power distribution systems, also mission launch complexes, power systems design and construction supervision/inspection. Performed electrical design for new facilities and major modifications of existing facilities including construction specifications, inspection review of shop drawings and final acceptance tests.

October 1960 - March 1961

Frumhoff & Cohen, Electrical Engineers, Los Angeles, California.
Senior Electrical Engineer.

Responsible for facility planning, design, and equipment arrangement and layout for an exotic fuel hazard assembly area and storage facility (Thiokol - Minuteman, Brigham City, Utah). Duties also included actual design, cost control, specifications, construction supervision and incorporating client equipment change modification orders. Plans for future expansion was incorporated in original equipment design and systems layout.

October 1956 - October 1960

Periera & Luckman, (Charles Luckman Assoc.), Los Angeles, California. Chief Electrical Engineer.

Electrical Engineering Department head responsible for 16 man group including engineers, designers, draftsman, and electrical construction supervisors.

Responsible for the following projects: General Dynamics-Convair Astronautics, ICBM "Atlas" Facility, San Diego, CA, R&D, Engineering and Missile Manufacturing-Assembly Plant, Ford Motors "Aeronautics" Newport Beach, CA, Research and Development Facility, Northrop Aviation "Nortronics," Palos Verdes, CA, Research and Development Facility.

Duties included facilities planning and arrangements of R&D manufacturing areas to most economically permit flexibility in project changes and modifications to R&D systems, municipal airport planning and electrical design of industrial aircraft hanger maintenance facilities. Duties also included electrical engineering design construction specifications, cost control, constructing inspection and final acceptance tests.

May 1954 - October 1956

Victor Gruen & Assoc., Los Angeles, California. Chief Electrical Engineer.

Responsible for supervising Electrical Engineering Department. Also design planing engineer for large regional shopping centers, multistory office buildings, large bowling alley-social centers and master planning for new city and urban developments. Duties included electrical engineering systems design, construction specifications, cost control, construction inspection and final acceptance tests.

January 1954 - May 1954

Welton Becket & Assoc., Beverly Hills, California. Electrical Engineer.

Responsible for design of large industrial plant (Hallmark Cards, Kansas City). Duties included electrical engineering systems design and construction specifications.

August 1953 - January 1954

California State Div. of Architecture, Los Angeles, California. Electrical Engineer.

Responsible for electrical design of new California State Department of Employment buildings, and modifications of Camarillo State Hospital. Duties included electrical engineering systems design and construction specifications.


Retired Regular Army Captain, Infantry

1943 - 1953

U.S. Army.

September 1948 - December 1949

U.S. Army, 24th Infantry, Honshu, Japan. Electrical Engineer.

Head of Post Engineer Electrical Engineering Department responsible for design restoration of Japanese electrical service facilities equivalent to area of three states. Design included new facilities and rehabilitation of existing power generation, distribution, and substations. Duties included acceptance system test after construction.

January 1947 - December 1947

U.S. Air Force, Tachikawa, Japan. Air Base Area Electrical Engineer.

Responsible for design and construction supervision of USAF Japan Air Material Command Maintenance Hangers and Aircraft Service Facilities.

September 1945 - December 1946

U.S. Army, 27th Infantry, Honshu, Japan. Post Electrical Engineer.

Responsible for planning, design and construction for conversion of former Japanese airfield into U.S. Army military camp for 5,500 military personnel and 200 civilian dependent home community village. Duties included pre-construction field surveys, design upgrading of existing electrical utilities and new electrical systems.

October 1943 - September 1944

Army Electronics Training Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Electrical Engineer.

Design engineer responsible for electrical and electronic test laboratory facility. Provided staff instructor with mock-up test conditions required for signal research and development laboratories.


MIT, Massachusetts, graduate credit in Electrical Engineering.

February 1943 - July 1943

National City Electric Service, Middle Village, L.I., New York.

Electrical Field Technician and Designer.

Responsible for contract maintenance of electrical systems, large industrial and commercial buildings. Also responsible for electrical design for field facility modifications, construction inspection and acceptance test.

1939 - 1943

Pratt Institute, New York, B.E.E., Bachelors of Electrical Engineering.

Professional Affiliations:

American Society of Safety Engineers.

Association of Energy Engineers, Certified Energy Manager.

California Society of Professional Engineers.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors National Fire Protection Association.

National Society of Professional Engineers.

Registered Electrical Engineer in Alaska, #E0695.

Registered Electrical Engineer in California, #E-9003.

Registered Environmental Assessor, California, #REA-00078.

Registered Professional Engineer in Kansas, #P.E. 3897.

Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts, #P.E. 9645.

Registered Professional Engineer in Washington, D.C., #P.E. 4319E.

Registered Safety Engineer in California, #SF-1086.

Senior Life Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).


Accident Investigation/Reconstruction & Photographic/video analysis.

Accident Prevention

ADA (American Disabilities Act) Accessibility

Appliance Product Liability

Asbestos Exposure & Remediation

Automotive Fires

Building Codes, Standards, Construction & Inspections

Cogeneration Plants


Confined Spaces

Construction Accident Investigation, Site Security, Safety Codes & Standards

Consumer Products Liability, Safety, Testing & Warnings

Electrical - Accident, Investigation, Reconstruction, Analysis, Appliances, Codes, Standards & Construction

Electrical Engineering - Systems, Design, Fires, Explosions, Hazards, Heaters, Machinery & Equipment

Electrical Safety - Shock, Systems, Wiring


Emergency Lighting

Employee Safety

Energy - Codes, Conservation, Development, Economics, Management & Systems

Environmental-Assessments, Codes, Standards & Compliance

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safety & Site Assessments

Facility Safety & Environmental Audits

Failure To Warn


Fire Safety

Health Safety

Industrial Safety

Life Safety Codes

Lighting Design, Equipment & Safety


Lightning Protection

Machine Accident Investigation & Construction

Machine Guards, Hazards & Safety

Maintenance Engineering

Manholes - Electrical and Cummunication

Manufacturing - Facilities & Safety

Mechanical - Product Liability & Safety

Noise Control, Impact & Measurement

Occupational Health & Safety Act (OSHA) Compliance

Parking - Lots, Garages & Lighting

Power Distribution - Failures, Lines, Plants & Systems

Product Liability

Project Engineering

Risk Assessment

Safety Engineering - Analysis, Codes, Standards, Controls, Equipment, & Hazards


Site Development, Shopping Centers, School Facilities & Safety

Street Lighting

System Engineering & Safety

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Certified Systems

Underground and overhead Power Lines


Warehouse Safety

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