ExpertPages Credential Verification

The Credentials Verified Process

How does the ExpertPages credentials verification process work?

Experts in many fields now have the opportunity to submit answers to detailed questionnaires outlining their background, training and experience. Each expert's completed questionnaire is then carefully reviewed by ExpertPages' professional staff, after which ExpertPages goes the extra mile to independently verify CERTAIN OF the credentials the expert claims to possess.

In the case of a medical expert, ExpertPages typically verifies the physician's licensure, specialty designation and good standing from outside sources (the institutions and organizations themselves). We may also independently verify a representative sample of other credentials, such as EDUCATION, residency training, practice history, and publications.

Once ExpertPages has independently verified a sufficient number of the expert's credentials, ExpertPages adds an "ExpertPages Credentials Verified" designation to the expert's listing, and links it to a list of the Specific Credentials that ExpertPages has verified. EXPERTPAGES THEREAFTER PERIOODICALLY REVIEWS EACH EXPERT’S CREDENTIALS. (Should there EVER be an UNEXPLAINED discrepancy between ANY credential an expert claims and the facts, ExpertPages DENIES OR REVOKES the Verified designation AND MAY REMOVE THE expert's entire listing from the site.)

How can ExpertPages verification save time and money?

All lawyers know that an expert who has lied about his or her qualifications/training can be destroyed on the witness stand, and along with that, the lawyer's case. Yet, as news stories regularly report, there is a significant amount of resume padding with SOME experts falsely claiming degrees, or other credentials, they failed to have earned. Thus lawyers frequently fact check the experts they hire because their adversaries will. ExpertPages' Credentials Verification process does much of the background work for lawyers, in advance. You can be confident that the credentials ExpertPages has verified are -- in fact -- the expert's credentials, and we back that up both with our 23+ years of experience and a $10,000.00 Guarantee.

Verification Description

Gold Check   A Gold Check means the information has been verified by the ExpertPages verification team. *

If you are an Expert Witness

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* All verifications are guaranteed accurate on the date verified. For more information, please see the full text of the ExpertPages Rules, Policies, and Disclaimer.