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Thank you for visiting the ExpertPages.com directory of handwriting experts and forensic document examiners. Our board certified forensic document examiners may give expert witness testimony as to the potential authorship of a document based on a handwriting sample. Our experts consult in criminal and civil matters and consult for both plaintiffs and defense. Handwriting experts may provide expert witness testimony in issues of identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting and fraud. They may provide written reports and litigation support in cases of authentication of business documents, contested wills, forged checks, deeds, leases, contracts, and more. Let a forensic document examiner from our directory help you assess your legal standing and provide expert witness testimony for your case.

Browse through the ExpertPages.com directory for handwriting experts and forensic document examiners who can help you understand your legal issues. If you cannot find one, consult our expert witness directory or request a free referral.

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