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Thomas Roney, LLC / Thomas Roney, President
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Thomas Roney, President

Thomas Roney, LLC

Contact: Thomas Roney, President

3333 Lee Parkway, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75219

(214) 665-9458

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(214) 975-1245

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Abstract: Thomas Roney, LLC experts provide expert economic damages reports and testimony. The firmís economic, forensic accounting and finance experts specialize in personal injury, employment and discrimination, business litigation/lost profits/valuations, franchise disputes and intellectual property matters. We have offices in Texas, Florida, and Colorado.
Thomas Roney LLC is an economic consulting firm specializing in determining economic damages for attorneys throughout the nation. Our experts help you be more effective with your case by providing timely and accurate assessments for upcoming litigation and settlements. We serve you and your clients in a professional and cost-effective manner. Our team includes economists, finance and forensic accounting experts and consultants with broad experience in forensic litigation support and expert testimony. We focus on the following practice areas:

Economic Damages in Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Matters
We calculate the economic damages the tort victim or the victim's family members suffered. These damages may involve wages, profits, benefits, home services, personal consumption, and the value of future care costs and life care plans.

Economic Damages in Employment Matters
Lost wages, bonuses, and benefits, of an individual or group dismissal; Layoff, failure to promote, failure to hire, or other employment decision.

Employment Discrimination
We assist with the determination of whether there is bias in an employment action against a protected class or individual.

Commercial Damages
We calculate lost profits and other damages suffered as the result of a tort or breach of contract.

Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement Damages
We provide economic analysis and valuation for current and proposed intellectual property and patent infringement cases.

Unfair competition and Anti-Trust.
We provide analyses in the areas of anti-trust, unfair competition, market identification, and pricing.

Business Valuations.
We provide business valuations in the areas of commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, and family law actions.

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