Bob West, PhD

Bob West, PhD

Toxicology / Pharmacology Expert

3240 Lake Point Blvd. #302 Sarasota, FL 34231

About the Expert

Court-experienced Florida Toxicology Expert / Pharmacology Expert. Biomed. Review for FDA/EPA/OSHA Compliance. Prod. Safety or Liability, Occupational Exposures & Environ. Health Issues. Drug Toxicity Interactions, Med.Mal./Negligence, Workers Comp. & Toxic Tort suits.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical
  • Toxicology

Expert's Profile

Bob West, Ph.D.

Legal Experience
Research, Deposition, and Testimony

Safety of Dog Repellent to individuals inadvertently exposed, Central Illinois Power & Llight, Peoria, Illinois- Court Appearance, 1985

Adequacy of Directions for Use & Proper Dispensing of Topical 8 Methoxypsoralen- Law firms in Memphis, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona and Jacksonville, Florida- Court Appearance, St. Augustine, FL, 1976

Safety of Topical Hydroquinones, Long Island, U.S., FDA and South Africa Health for International Consortium

Formaldehyde, Safety in Mobile Homes, Wisconsin State Health Hearings- SOCMA, 1980's

Safety of bovine bone implants for cervical diskectomy, U.S. & Canadian FDA, Unilab and Washington FDA law firm- 1980's

Toxicity of Antibiotic Combinations on Prolonged Use- Pennsylvania , Joseph Murray, Esq.

Compliance of Surgical Products with U.S. FDA Regulations- Washington and Connecticut

FIAU Safety and Compliance with FDA Regulations

Trimethoprim (sulfonamides) and Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome- Deposition, Arlington, VA, 1995

Toxicity, Hazards of Petroleum distillates and Butyl cellosolve in irritant induced asthma- Deposition and Court appearance, Arlington, VA, 1996

Toxicity, Hazards of water treatment chemicals such as cyclohexylamine and morpholine- Deposition Northern Virginia, 1998

Addiction liability of muscle relaxants and pain killers

Drug Induced Gullain-Barre Syndrome

Dispute resolution between biotech companies over licensing and distribution agreements-AAA Arbitration Panel, Washington, D.C., 1999-2000

Fen-Phen, compliance with FDA ADR regulatory issues- Deposition, Philadelphia, PA, 1999-2000

Safety of specialty chemicals and personal care products upon skin contact

Hazards of multiple chemical exposures, Deposition, Sarasota, FL, 1999

Hazards of Sulfuric acid exposure- Deposition, Sarasota, FL, 2001

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